Cloud migrations

Cloud migrations include the transitioning of workloads from traditional, on-premise platforms to an expanding marketplace of public and private cloud offerings. While many focus on this, there exists more than just a lift-and-shift opportunity. 

While changing the venue of operations for where your applications run may be helpful, the true goal is to target the best opportunities to enable the sort of digitization that transforms how your IT organization meets the demands of the business and the needs of your customers. This process can involve reviewing the 5 R's of digital transformation.

While the 5 R's are often associated with applications, they also apply to other services available in the enterprise. If services associated with Infrastructure are considered in the same manner, cloud based SaaS solutions emerge as key opportunities for transforming your organization.



Software-as-a-Service offerings are maturing at an accelerating rate. The feature gap with traditional on-prem services is closing and with this feature parity are emerging opportunities for you to take the financial and operational burden off of your organization.

Arch Technology can show you how to transition to these services and accelerate your digital transformation