Wi-FI first

According to Gartner, mobile devices have become ‘business as usual’ in most organizations. The implication is that a mobile first strategy is the new norm for reaching both employees and customers. The need for a rock solid enterprise Wi-Fi environment has never been greater.


There was a time when the wireless connectivity was cool and users were grateful to use it when they could. With the emergence of a Wi-Fi first strategy, the wireless environment is as critical as the applications to which it provides access. 

While most organizations do spend time and resources in supporting the wireless environment, they do so from the perspective of the network itself. This approach, while used often in IT, is not in alignment with the perspective of your customers and employees that use your Wi-Fi. It could be giving you a false sense of complacency.

Let Arch Technology show you how we can help you understand your Wi-Fi from the perspective of your users and how they experience it.

Arch Technology will show you how!